Introduction Letter

Hi, my name is Bruce Sternberg the owner of Cater4u2.  I would like to tell you a little bit about my background and life in the food business.

It all started with my great grandfather Nate Shapiro.  In 1953 he owned a small coffee shop called The Spot in Downtown Cleveland.  My grandma Sal would make sandwiches at home and bring them as an added menu option for customers.  My father, Chuck Sternberg, had his first taste of the business by working there as a cook, sandwich maker, and helped manage the place.  At age 9, I also got to go to work there, however, I was only allowed to sell soda and cigarettes.. which makes me laugh to this day.   My father's passion for  in the business brought he and my mom Roz to buy Sands Delicatessen in Shaker Hts. in 1969. The entire family was involved! I remember bussing tables, being a line cook, running deliveries and eventually working my way up to becoming a manager. Although my brother's worked there too, I was the one who really loved the food business.  From working with customers to cooking all kinds of food I ultimately followed my father's passion. After 18 years, we sold Sands and headed back downtown Cleveland to run and/or own several restaurants which included, The Brass Door, Harvey's BBQ, The Colonnade Cafeteria, Portraits, Cafe Paradiso, 2nd Street Diner, Nomi's Kitchen and most recently Around Downtown Catering/Cater4u2. 

Since we have had the catering company, my wife Terri has been working by my side and tradition continued as my kids worked there too while they were in school.

35 years later, I am ready to pack up and head back home to Beachwood... where I actually grew up, graduated and still live with my wife, son Benjamin who is a Grad Student and Basketball player at the University of Missouri and my daughter, Naomi, who graduated Cosmetology school and now does hair at JDH Salon in Chagrin Falls.

My wife and I are extremely exited to begin our next chapter with you in hopes you will visit us at Kitchen 216.

We welcome you to complete the following survey so we can get a better idea of your expectations as we prepare to open.

Thank you in advance for your time... we look forward to meeting you soon!